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If you are a songwriter looking for a publisher to promote your songs, and think you have what it takes. We are always looking for songs to develop for albums, commercials, motion pictures and television. You can send us your material in CD format to:

SEI Reviews
P.O. Box 1373
Agoura Hills, CA 91376

Make sure your songs are copy written (for your own protection), and you include your email (very important), as well as a telephone number. Unless we called you, please do not call us. We receive many submissions, and eventually listen to them all, but we only have time to communicate via email. Do not send us mp.3's via email (unless we ask you to), they only slow up the process, and most of the time they are deleted as spam.

Production ready songs are preferred by most Music Supervisors, and Ad Agencies, so please do not send us a lyric sheet with you humming the melody line. We can visualize the potential, but many of the folks we deal with cannot.